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Create short links to the content you care about, improve your marketing efforts with in-depth analytics and share your links using the new Featured Links tool.


Shorten long URLs, making them easier to remember and share.


See how visitors access your links. From visits, to location and referrer.


Create short links to the content you care about. Whether you're a business or individual, URL Melter Melted Links let you capture rich first-party data about your visitors, and make it easier to share with customers, family and friends.

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URL Melter Analytics gives you valuable insight into the performance of your Melted Links. Learn about how your visitors access and use your Melted Links, and understand your online marketing efforts.

Start shortening links with URL Melter today. Improve your marketing efforts, understand your visitors and grow your business.

URL Melter for iOS

The URL Melter app lets you manage your Melted Links on your iPhone and iPad. See in-depth analytics, shorten new links, and more; synced across iCloud to all your devices.